We are a digital innovation consultancy.

The talent that we harbour here makes us unique, and our team is the key to designing the experiences of the future.

What makes us

Talent in user experience

One of our main missions is to identify, capture and retain the leading professionals in the field of user experience.

Our fluid company structure is capable of absorbing talent in any form – internal staff, freelancers, entrepreneurs or startups – and turning them into powerful assets for our clients.

Experienced industry professionals


recurring business



An ecosystem of specialised businesses, each one a standout in their industry.

Working in a business ecosystem environment gives us real-time access to a diverse set of capabilities, experiences and solutions.

Thanks to the power of collaboration, our ecosystem is 100% flexible. It can affect change and achieve excellence on a global scale.

Our team. Our pride.

David Rodríguez

David Rodríguez

Managing Partner & Founder

Thanks to David’s 15+ years of experience in the field of UX/UI, together with his ability to manage global projects and teams around the world, GammaUX is now recognised as a leading company in the field of user experience.

Edgar Aznar

CEO & Founder

Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of business transformation, business change and digital innovation. His instinct for new opportunities and passion for everything he does is the perfect combination that allows GammaUX to keep growing and evolving.

Nidia Berbegal

Nídia Berbegal

UX Consulting leader

Expert in user experience design, consultancy and research. Her preference for projects that involve user research, alongside an obsession with understanding the needs of the user at all times, are essential to the success of GammaUX.

Ruymán Ferrera

Ruymán Ferrera

Project Management leader

More than 15 years’ experience in improving the user experience for leading brands from diverse industries. Expert in connecting research outcomes with design solutions to offer the best user experience possible.

Oriol Tor

Oriol Tor

COO: Chief Operations Officer

A specialist in finding the top talent in our areas of expertise, Oriol ensures GammaUX is a continued leader in UX/UI. His desire to help our employees grow professionally is an essential part of our search for excellence.

Helena Feliu

Helena Feliu

Content Strategy leader

Content Strategist with more than 15 years’ experience of working with leading brands and digital products. Her user-centred vision of content and innovative methodologies allow us to create content that makes for a memorable user experience.

Joan Manuel Gómez

Joan Manuel Gómez

UX Research & UI leader

Specialist in several disciplines of UX: user experience design, interaction design, graphical user interface design and information architecture. His uncanny ability to simplify complex concepts is essential for insight extraction.

Irina Martinez

Irina Martinez

UX Research Lab leader

UX Researcher in constant search of new challenges and self-improvement. Her desire to improve the world around us helps us obtain amazing results from our rigorous research.

Judit Casacuberta

Judit Casacuberta

UX Design & Strategy leader

Passionate about design thinking and finding new ways of enhancing creativity to offer innovative solutions. Her main objective is to create products and/or services that genuinely improve people’s lives.

The values that define us

We take on our clients’ challenges as if they were our own

Our mission is to become the best partner for our clients in the fields of digital innovation and user experience.

We value, above all, talent

We attract talent of all shapes and sizes: internal staff, clients, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups.

We have a fluid structure

We create customised teams for each project that integrate naturally into our clients’ workforce. They provide the expertise to find innovative solutions to problems.

We adapt quickly

Change doesn’t scare us. We’ve developed the ability to rapidly adapt or scale when necessary.

From sunny Barcelona

Our headquarters is in Barcelona, but we work with companies all over the world.

Our dream: to create the best digital products possible.

It all started in 2002, when we saw an opportunity to put the user in the value chain of our clients.

Gamma was founded in 2002 by Edgar Aznar. It was born with the same philosophy that still shapes the business we are today: talent-centred, flexible and in search of the excellence that creates lasting relationships with clients.

With the arrival of David Rodriguez in 2015, we added a UX division to the business. It turned out to be the missing half of our magic formula. David was able to combine his experience in managing UX/UI teams with the expertise of Edgar. This combination of skills and experience complement each other perfectly, and has only improved with the arrival of the rest of our team.