Service Update: Introducing GammaUX Madrid 

GammaUX was born in Barcelona in 2015 with the mission of enabling digital experiences for corporates and multinationals, and of supporting their digitalization goals in a reality of ever-changing technologies, processes and consumption of information.  

Supported by a core team of consultants and with David and Edgar as founding partners, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned Spanish companies in various industries. Some examples include CaixaBank, Zurich Insurance, Sanofi, Boehringer or FC Barcelona.   

GammaUX offers consulting services within the world of user experience, from conducting user research and defining strategies for digital products and services, to conducting user tests, optimizing conversion rates, creating content strategies, and prototyping and wireframing websites and applications.  

Over time, we went beyond consulting and began to offer talent placement services. This opportunistic shift happened thanks to having connected with some of the most talented professionals in the world of user experience and having made successful long-term matches with our clients. 

Thanks to that business transition, in 2021, GammaUX became part of The Talent Club, a network of global companies that represent professionals in different industries: technology, business, sports, art, etc. And share with them the same mission: putting talents in the forefront of business opportunities to enable their professional growth.  

We are excited and proud to share that GammaUX continues to grow and has now opened its office in Madrid, with the goal of expanding into new business opportunities both locally and internationally. This new business unit is led by Alexandra Macias, the new member of the GammaUX family.  

Alexandra is from Madrid and moved to Israel to pursue her business and finance degree. She then was part of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program, a highly selective and renowned entrepreneurship program, where she had the opportunity to deeply immerse herself in the hi-tech industry in Israel. Since then and over the course of the next 8 years, Alex had the chance to experience different industries from Fintech, to Marketplaces, Hospitality and Developer Tools where she held various business positions: being a fintech startup scout, leading an innovation program in a global hotel chain, managing a vertical at a public company, and her last role setting up the business development and partnerships department at a tech startup. After 11 years, she moved back to her hometown, Madrid, earlier this year. 

Leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit, multi-cultural background, her vast experience in the tech scene and her strategic, commercial and operational mindset, Alex will be leading our Madrid Business Unit.  

Welcome to the team, Alex, and hello Madrid!  

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