The value of “Talent” service when scaling teams

Achieving sustainable growth for teams is one of the main challenges that current businesses face, largely due to market volatility and rapid technological changes. Having too small a workforce to cope with its workload affects the quality of results, while outsourcing directly impacts profitability.

Therefore, bringing in consultants from our Talent service allows for the adjustment of team sizes according tƒ. This concept is based on the implementation of external professionals from different specialized fields who join the company for a specified period to support the development of a specific project.
It is a solution that allows scalability in large companies, small businesses and startups, while adding value to the team and providing a new perspective on work.

Benefits of Talent service in your team

1. Quick and easy hiring

Recruitment and hiring processes require a significant investment of time for companies and become more complex as the company grows, attracting a greater number of professionals interested in joining. Hiring new employees also entails some risks that the hired person may lack the necessary skills for the position or that their personality and approach may not fit with the rest of the team.

The Talent strategy, on the other hand, allows for the incorporation of pre-selected profiles with proven experience in their specialized field. After defining the client’s needs and requirements, at GammaUX, we identify several potential candidates and assess their fit for the project. We always offer multiple alternatives and ensure a quick and efficient integration, allowing teams to scale within days.

2. Integration of specialized profiles

The outcomes of selection processes vary depending on the market situation and the available professionals at the time. Sometimes, it is not possible to find the perfect candidate, leading to the hiring of employees that require some training.

At GammaUX, we have specialized profiles in user research, UX, UI, content strategy, project management, digital analytics, development, and QA. These professionals are continuously improving their knowledge, which enhances the expertise of the teams they join. Simultaneously, they gain new skills and increase their work experience, resulting in a mutually enriching experience.

Each selected individual fully integrates into the client’s culture and dedicates themselves exclusively to the project they were hired for, which improves the quality of results and encourages the resolution of complex challenges.

3. Flexible workforce

Regularly hiring and firing employees has negative consequences on team performance, can damage the company’s image, reduce employee motivation, and convey a lack of commitment and insecurity.

Talent, on the other hand, allows the company to adapt to project and market changes without affecting the company’s image or employee well-being.

4. Economic efficiency

Scaling teams using Talent service eases the expansion or reduction of workforces and reduces fixed costs associated with hiring, as it determines the specific duration of a professional’s association with the company. At GammaUX, we offer talent for positions of varying durations, with the possibility to extend the relationship with the client according to their needs and projects.

5. International talent access

The lack of international presence or familiarity with foreign markets limits access to international personnel. This reduces the variety of talent available to the company and, consequently, the chances of finding the most suitable profile for each position.

The limited incorporation of global talent also hinders the search for professionals with rare skills, impedes expansion into new markets, makes it difficult to implement diversity and inclusion policies, and stagnates corporate culture.
However, with Talent service, individuals from around the world can be recruited through a company specialized in the search for talent. At GammaUX, we prioritize selecting a wide variety of international profiles, recognizing their importance in adding value to the company, promoting the cultural integration of teams, and developing new perspectives.

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