Development and QA

We guarantee a product with the highest functional quality.

We carefully review the functional aspects of the design to guarantee the highest-quality implementation and development. Our goal is to minimise friction and provide solutions that lead to a memorable user experience.

How we work

Functional analysis

Using the conceptual prototypes, we plan the development process and build a work strategy.

Technical documentation

We prepare a kit of UI components, including their technical specifications, to ensure that the design is implemented correctly.


We supervise the entire implementation process, resolving any doubts and making the necessary adjustments to build the product to its exact specifications.


In each sprint, we apply a quality control test from a UX perspective. We automate the test, report any errors and verify that the project requirements have been met.

Techniques and methodologies

Unit testing

Each module is tested separately to check they’re working correctly.

Stress test

The resilience of the app is tested by sending it an excessive amount of requests, to see if they cause the app to crash.

Integration test

Modules tested separately during unit testing are now coupled and tested together.

Functional test

The software is tested to ensure the required functions work correctly.


The user verifies that the product meets their expectations.

Code Coverage

During the unit tests, we cover as much code as possible. We do this because when we execute the unit tests, we keep a record of the code executed in comparison with the total code written. This gives us a percentage which determines the amount of code being checked during the unit tests.

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